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Juanjo Montesinos

Contact: juanjo.montesinos@hotmail.com

Nishino Spain-Alicante

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For those who are interested in training with Juanjo MOntesinos, please contact him at juanjo.montesinos@hotmail.com

The school welcomes all residents of  Alicante, Barcerona, Zaragoza, Las Palmas, Oviedo, Malaga, Bilbao, Seville, Valancia, and Madrid.

Experience a breathing technique that is different from Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates, Meditation, Aikido, Karate, etc.!

More details will be announced here later. Look forward to it!

For inquiries, please contact us by e-mail.

Juanjo Montesinos

Certified Instructor

Director, Nishino Spain-Alicante

Deep Breathing That Connects You with Your Intuition

I was born in 1978 in Alicante (Spain), in a small and humble family.  From a very young age, I was interested in different sports and Japanese martial arts, although always at a beginner level and learning the techniques, without going deep into the "essence".

Thanks to my scientific curiosity, I found some very interesting scientific papers that related vital energy (Ki) to different biochemical processes of cell survival.  This new scientific knowledge corroborated something I had always intuited and which is not mentioned at all in Western medical textbooks:  that there is an "invisible" force (Ki energy), which is intelligent, which is inside and outside of us, which sustains, orients and guides the development of life, and which can be cultivated to maximise health and vitality.

In 2018, taking advantage of a leisure trip with friends to Japan, I decided to visit for a few days the training centre where the author of these scientific articles (Kōzō Nishino) taught an innovative Breathing Method to cultivate Ki energy (“Nishino Breathing Method”).  So, on my return to Spain, I read Kōzō Nishino's book ("The Breath of Life") and I could understand the concepts and fundamentals of the method.

I was so enthusiastic that, the following year, in 2019, I decided to come back to train intensively for a couple of weeks.  During this period, my energy level developed significantly, and after completing the basic and intermediate training, I had the opportunity to continue with regular classes.  One fine day, Nishino Sensei appeared unexpectedly.  The students greeted him with applause, smiles and much joy.  Nishino Sensei started to exchange his Ki energy in the Taiki practice, and it was amazing the physical reactions of the students when they received this "powerful jet of invisible Ki energy" from a distance: some were flying backwards for many metres, some were singing, some were dancing, some were rolling on the floor, etc.

When it was my turn, I felt a mixture of nervousness and excitement for what I could feel, as well as an enormous gratitude for having the privilege of feeling his Ki energy.  After greeting him to show my respect, I began to feel a very powerful vibration rising from the sole of my right foot all the way up my leg to my Tanden.  Once there, the vibration spread instantly and powerfully through each and every one of my cells.  My body, without me having any control over it, ran off in random directions, crashing into the padded walls (painlessly), screaming and with a wonderful sense of joy and fun.  My heart rate had accelerated with great power during this whole process.  Finally, my body calmed down, and as my breathing quieted, Nishino Sensei looked at me very kindly and said in English:  "Excellent", while making a gesture with his right hand joining his thumb and forefinger in a circle.  It was the most amazing experience I have ever had in my whole life!!

After the Taiki session, I felt a wonderful sense of wholeness and balance like I had never felt before.  I was happy and relaxed, and a smile emerged from within me and spread across my lips, like when you feel you have everything and you don't need anything!

Since then, and with the practice of the Nishino Breathing Method, I can affirm that my life has changed: now, my work, family and social relationships are more harmonious and balanced.  There is more kindness, laughter, and collaboration.  That is why, in March 2024, I decided to train me as a Certified Instructor of Nishino Breathing Method® at the Headquarters in Shibuya (Tokyo), to bring this innovative method to Spain and to the rest of the Spanish-speaking countries, and to maintain the purity of Sensei Nishino's legacy for the new generations.

During my three weeks of intensive training, I have felt deeply welcomed by all the Head Coaches (Yoshihiro KITAMURA, Takeko KITAMURA, Masako ISHII, Kohei NEMOTO, Hiroaki ASAHI and Michiko YOKOGAWA), to whom I THANK THEM for all the affection and respect with which they have treated me.  I am infinitely grateful to them!!

When I arrived on my first day, I was greeted with great joy.  They showed me the new facilities: locker rooms, restrooms, the training room (which is very spacious, bright, well ventilated, clean, with a soft floor and padded walls), and a separate room where I was offered my first private training in English to understand the fundamentals of the method.

From that moment on, I was integrated into regular classes in Japanese, and in each class, there was always a Head Coach very close to me who observed my style and suggested improvements in the precision of the movements.  Therefore, I was able to integrate the various inputs from all the Head Coaches into my learning, which enriched my training experience hugely, and I was able to progress in a very fast and efficient way.

During the training period, I had a physical problem with my shoulder, and they quickly adapted the training to my new physical condition and provided me with all the resources I needed to recover quickly.  They have been very careful and respectful with me, and they have been very kind and honest, both professionally and personally.

I have also been helped by other Assistant Instructors, Junior Assistant Instructors, and even other students.  It is a big family that has made me feel very comfortable, relaxed and integrated... as one of them.

It has been a wonderful and joyful experience that I highly recommend training at to anyone who is interested in deepening their knowledge of Nishino Breathing Method®, and who would like to offer its benefits to others so that they can build a strong life and a successful future.

Thank you very much to all the people who have shared with me their beautiful Ki energy that keeps us interconnected!!

The Nishino Breathing Method

Discover the power of conscious breathing 

with the Nishino Breathing Method 

– a groundbreaking approach that activates all the cells in your body, 

promoting greater health, inner peace, and vitality. 

By harnessing the energy of your breath, 

you can transform your own life and ultimately create a better world for all.

Certified Instructor

Juanjo Montesinos

Basic Breathing Exercises


Ki Energy Enhancing Practice with Partner

Yoshihiro Kitamura, M.D.

Director and Chief Head Coach

The Nishino Method Headquarters


I am filled with joy to announce that Mr. Juanjo Montesinos, a Certified Instructor of Nishino Breathing Method®, will introduce this unique Japanese breathing technique in Spain.  As the Director and Chief Head Coach of the Nishino Method Headquarters, I have had the privilege of being a direct witness to Mr. Montesinos's enormous dedication and enthusiasm in learning this technique.


Mr. Montesinos began his journey with Nishino Breathing Method® when he came across a scientific article prepared by our late founder, Master Kōzō Nishino.  Being a scientist in the field of Biochemistry himself, Mr. Montesinos has brought a unique perspective to his practice.  Over the past six years, since joining the former Nishinojuku in 2018, his commitment to Nishino Breathing Method® has been firm and consistent.

His proficiency in Nishino Breathing Method® is distinguished by his precise understanding and his innate ability to appropriately adapt the method's practices on the spot.  His intensive training sessions during the three weeks at our Headquarters have demonstrated his commitment to mastering the most advanced techniques and his relentless pursuit of excellence.  The training regimen of Mr. Montesinos during his visit in March 2024, which often spanned up to six hours daily, is a clear example of his dedication.


Beyond his technical skills, Mr. Montesinos's kind and cordial demeanor, as well as his ability to create a warm and inclusive environment, has left a profound impression on our staff and many students at our Headquarters.  His constant smile and gentleness resonate with everyone around him.


It brings me immense joy that a personality like Mr. Montesinos, currently recognized for his outstanding career as an International Technology Transfer Agent, is now committed to promoting Nishino Breathing Method® in Spain.  We wholeheartedly support the progress and success of the Nishino Breathing Method® classes in Alicante, Spain, under his leadership.